E-car charging station

Are you traveling with your electric car?

Take advantage of our Ecotap electric charging station to re-energize your vehicle. 
To charge, you only need a charging cable of the type 2 plug, an Ecotap charging card or a credit card in conjunction with the Ecotap app on your smartphone. You can apply for this free of charge at:

In five simple steps, you can recharge your electric vehicle with us:
  • Plug the charging cable into your vehicle and into the socket of the charging station.
  • Starting: Keep your Ecotap card at the scan point or open the Ecotap app on your smartphone and scan the barcode on the charging station. Then hold your credit card to the scan point.
  • If the data transfer is successful, a blue light will illuminate and your vehicle will be charged.
  • Stop: Keep your Ecotap card or credit card at the scan point. The blue lamp goes out.
  • A signal sounds. The sockets are now unlocked and the charging cable can be removed.